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Oil and gas - product recommendations

 In order to best protect your workers in the oil and gas industry, you need effective and advanced PPE. TEGERA and JALAS Impact protection products all uses the unique and unrivaled shock absorption material PORON® XRD®.


Working in the oil and gas industry is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to maintain focus working long shifts onboard desolate platforms in extreme weather conditions. 

The oil and gas industry see the highest incidences of all occupational hand injuries. Using many different tools, performing hands-on tasks, and working with slippery oil all contribute to the risk of injuries. Slips, trips or falls, on same level surfaces, account for 25% of all injuries reported in the oil and gas industry.

In order to best protect yourself, you need effective and advanced PPE. We have the specialised skills in gloves and shoes and can give you the best protection for hands and feet.


Unrivaled shock absorption.

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Product recommendations for the oil and gas industry

TEGERA Impact protection gloves

Armor for Your Hands!

Picture this: you're working, and suddenly, a heavy metal object hits your hand. The small and fragile bones in your hand break, and you face months of recovery. Or... maybe not. Perhaps you were wearing a safety glove with a remarkable material that absorbs 90% of the impact's energy. This unique material feels remarkably soft until exposed to pressure or impact, at which time it hardens to protect your hand. Let us introduce PORON ® XRD ®, the secret behind our amazing impact gloves. Learn more in the video.

JALAS models with excellent grip, comfort and shock absorption.

TEGERA Cut protection gloves 

TEGERA Winter Cut Gloves

Perfect for cold days onshore and offshore.

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Not finding the gloves you need? Please use the TEGERA product search or contact our sales team.

JALAS for heavy work

New JALAS GTX models

Waterproof for all seasons with GORE-TEX.

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Not finding the footwear you need? Please use the JALAS product search or contact our sales team.

TEGERA protection chemical gloves

Guide - Chemical protection gloves

Use our chemical protection guide or contact one of our sellers and get help in finding a suitable glove for protection against the relevant chemical mix.

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Safety Assessment

Our Safety Assessment has been created to help identify potential dangers in your workplace and how to best counter them. It aims to promote a safety-first environment where productivity and employee satisfaction are championed.

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